Hunter Valley Gardens

Another famed place here are the Hunter Valley Gardens. Created by Bill and Imelda Roche, award-winning gardeners and landscapers. Here twelve themed gardens cover over twenty-five hectares of land. A famed holiday spot, the Mercure Resort provides accommodations and there are many events besides the regular garden tours.

Some of the gardens found here are the Rose Garden, where over eight thousand roses of over one hundred and fifty varieties grow in a garden patterned in a corkscrew shape. There is the Sunken Garden, a garden landscaped to give a sunken, grotto-like appearance, featuring a large waterfall and pond the size of five Olympic pools amidst an array of evergreen and deciduous trees. Then there are the Chinese and Oriental Gardens where one enters through traditional Chinese moongates and Chinese, Korean, and Japanese influences are blended to incorporate rocks, raked gravel, bamboo stands, Ginko trees, pagodas and lakes filled with water lilies and Asian fish.

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